• Support mobile work from anywhere when appropriate.
  • Support a "hoteling" office environment where staff reserve unassigned workstations as needed.
  • Provide an "activity-based" work environment that supports varied workplace needs with appropriate spaces, including:
    • Open office workstations (reserved and unreserved)
    • Quiet area workstations (reserved) and quiet rooms (focus booths)
    • Open and enclosed meeting space (reserved and unreserved)
    • Neighborhood activity centers with open meeting space and storage
    • Personal and group filing and storage
    • Exterior workspace on the terrace
    • Break area with table seating, soft seating, and kitchen facilities
  • An integrated requirements development and design effort between GSA management, employees, consultants, furniture manufacturers and vendors, contracting staff, and facilities staff
  • Supports a staff of 87 in 9,200 useable square feet (usf) using
  • Is flexible to accommodate change by using:
    • Infrastructure that includes under-floor air and utility distribution and plug-and- play technology.
    • Freestanding furniture elements that are easy to reconfigure.
    • Modular, demountable wall partitions for enclosed spaces that can be reused with no waste.

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